Privacy Policy

We at Mizuma Art Gallery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our gallery) receive private information to provide each service.

Our gallery is wiling to contribute to the society by activating art and culture. We will protect the private information with an extreme care to not to lose the reliance of our gallery and whole art market.

Our gallery will practice enactment regarding private information, and substantialize the proper way to handle it.
How we obtain the private information
Our gallery will obtain the private information properly, not by disguising and other crookery ways.
How we use the private information
Our gallery will use the private information according to the purpose below.
If we use the information other than stated below, we will obtain that person’s consent.
(1) For the shipment of purchase.
(2) For the response to the request of estimation and huddling, and shipping of documents.
(3) For the provision of information regarding seminar, merchandise and service.
Keeping the private information safely
Our gallery will prevent leaking, loss and prejudice of private information, and will act according to what is needed to conserve the information safely.
When we outsource the private information
Out gallery will examine bystander carefully when we outsource a part or all of the private information, and we will do necessary and properly stand over of it in order to keep the information safely.
Offering the private information to third-parties
Unless it is the case of law such as Private Information Protection Law, our gallery will not provide the private information to a third-party without the agreement of the person.
Opening disclosure and correction of the private information
When the person him/herself requests us to open disclosure him/her private information, our gallery will do so immediately. In that case, if we cannot confirm the person is him/herself, we will not do so.

If there is any mistake on the private information, and the said person requests us to correct, add and erase, we will do so after we research about it. In that case, if we cannot confirm the person is him/herself, we will not do so.

If you have any request stated above and/or inquiry, please contact us below.
Contact information: Mizuma Art Gallery
E-mail :
TEL : +81-3-3268-2500
FAX : +81-3-3268-8844
Composition and structure
With Sueo Mitsuma as the responsible official, our gallery will maintain the private information properly, and continue to improve how we handle it.
Changing of the policy
Out gallery may change the privacy policy.
The changing of the policy is effective when we publish it on our website, except the case we state separately.