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We appreciate your visit to the website (hereinafter referred to as this site) of Mizuma Art Gallery (hereinafter referred to as our gallery). This site is operated to contribute for more of the development of art field.

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We will not violate any copyright in this site. Concurrently, in principle, each information such as texts, images and other belongs to our gallery, artist of the artwork, and/or other right holders. Except the case, accepted by the Copyright Law, it is prohibited to use, including duplication, recasting and distribution without permission of the right holder.
How we treat private information
On this site we handle private information including EC. We will treat and manage it with an extreme care based on the privacy policy of our gallery.

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Furthermore, we refuse to link to a website in the case below.

(1) Linking from the website which contains obstruction of our business and/or mental abuse of our gallery.
(2) Linking from the website which contains anti-social substances such as adult zone.
(3) Linking from the website which doesn’t practice intellectual property right.
(4) Linking from the website which our gallery assess of difficulty.

Regarding the information on this site, our gallery pay attention and check it carefully, however, we don’t guarantee its strictness, completeness, assuredness, safeness, usability, and adequateness toward certain purposes. Our gallery do not accept the responsibility for any problem, damnification and loss occurred in this site.

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