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-Since 1994-Mizuma Art Gallery The 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Mizuma Art Gallery is delighted to announce our 10th Anniversary Exhibition from March 16th- April 9th. Time has gone by so quickly and we will be entering our eleventh year on February since we opened at 5 Jingumae Shibuya-ku in the early spring of year 1994. Started by Aki Kuroda Exhibition-who is currently showing in Paris, to Akira Yamaguchi Exhibition last year, we had over one hundred solo and group exhibitions.ˇˇ

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all as this was made possible primarily due to the unstinting support from all of you. We are planning to show works by over 30 artists. The exhibition will be comprised mainly of drawings by artists who are showing both domestically and abroad. It should be the exhibition worth seeing to experience both in its volume and quality. We-a still developing gallery and the artists stirring themselves to create great works- has struggled together. Hereafter, while we grope in the dark, we hope to grow and progress together. We would greatly appreciate if you could watch over us and receive your on going support.

We will donate part of our sales to the victims of the sales of this exhibition shall be donated to Niigata Chu-etsu earthquake victims Niigata.

Participating Artists:
Aida Makoto, Aoyama Satoru, Ikeda Manbu, Ikematsu Emi, Inci Eviner, Ujino Muneteru, Ushiro Ryuta, Satoru Otsuka, O JUN, Okada Hiroko, Kasahara Izuru, Katou Ai, Kariya Hiroshi, Nguyen Mihn Thanh, Kurashige Jin, Konoike Tomoko, Komainu, Kondoh Akino, Sakaguchi Hironori, Jeanne Susplugas, Suzanne Treister, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba,ˇˇKoji Tanada, Tsutsui Shinsuke, Tim Steele, Tenmyouya Hisashi, Nishimura Tomiya, Harada Kyu, Hans Benda, Fujiwara Takahiro, Majima Ryouichi, Matsukage Hiroyuki, Mario A., Marc Couturier, Motomiya Kaoru, Les Joynes

From Gallery Collections:
Nguyen Quang Huy, Shuzou Azuchi Gulliver,David Tremlett, Aki Kuroda

  • installation view at Mizuma Art Gallery

  • installation view at Mizuma Art Gallery