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Hisashi Tenmyouya "KABUKU"

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to announce Hisashi Tenmyouya Exhibition "Kabuku" from 9 July - 9 August. Tenmyouya is an artist known for using a traditional Japanese painting method as his core of work yet he not only inherits the tradition of the past but also adds his own technique, which unfolds his unique ways of expression. In this exhibition he will present new series.

Tenmyouya is a self-taught artist born in Tokyo 1966. Born in a generation, which received the most western cultural influence, he is also one of many other young people who were influenced by Hip Hop, graffiti and other street culture that strongly reflects in his work. Not only that but various contrasting elements of all ages and cultures appears, and motifs are acquired from Graffiti, robot, tattoo, decotora*, computer games, to Japanese Ukiyo-e or unconventional painter Kyousai Kawanabe.in his work. These motifs indicate the confusion and the struggle caused by rapid progression of internationalization and fusion of culture, urging us to look again to a country "Japan" as well as satirizing foreigners entangled time of stereotyped Japan like "Samurai and Pocket Monster". Hisashi Tenmyouya who calls himself "Buto-ha" fighting through art, juxtapose and merge the traditional and the modern, than by inserting poison of dark humor he creates "disharmony." This "disharmony" is what makes refined beautiful charm of Tenmyouya works.

A word "Kabuku", which is the subtitle of this exhibition means, "to behave as one pleases or wear blatant out fit " (Kojien) is also etymology of the word "Kabuki." This exhibition is comprised of "Kamikaze" and other two large paintings as its central piece. "Kamikaze" is a painting with "Decotora" parts of biker-gangs, hot rods fused with Japanese symbol of Zero fighter painted by acrylic on a gilded 2x 2.7 m wooden panel brings the "Kabuku" spirit to the next level formalized to be applicable to the present day. While caring for the details, slight changes of his painting style can be seen in this new work. Also in the other room, several small paintings with the same theme will be exhibited.

Recently, Hisashi Tenmyouya has done collaboration with "Fall/Winter Comme Ca Collection 2002-2003", and received excellent award from "The 6th Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art ", the artist who is rapidly gaining recognition shall revive the almost forgotten "Kabuku" spirit today. During this exhibition period, he will have another exhibition "Gakkyo" at NADiff, catalog publication: "Japanese Spirit" and artist talk with a photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga.