MAKOTO AIDA and KOKI TANAKA (two person show)

  • installation view
This fall Mizuma Art Gallery will hold two exhibitions with "paper" as the theme. The first presentation of this series is works by Makoto Aida and Koki Tanaka. This will be the first collaboration between the two artists.

Currently most of our act of writing and editing is done on computer. However, for someone who does art, "paper" is an important medium for jotting down ideas, writing down concepts, and sketching and drawing.Despite the importance of paper, Aida and Takada's works related to paper has not had the opportunity to be displayed comprehensively. For this
reason, we have decided to exhibit Aida and Tanaka's works related to paper as a collection.

Exhibition works by Makoto Aida (36years old) will be student works (only exhibited in college art festival), and works only shown in short term
exhibition such as "Maiden Work of Contemporary Work
(Gendaibijutushojosaku)", produced when he was 19. He has abandoned the idea of "nature of art and nature of trash work", which he pursued when he was a student. Today you could say that he has worked in pursuit of °…superficial beauty and superficial master piece°…. He immediately gained attention and recognition for the detailed depiction found in his
painting works. However the pieces for this exhibition are completely different from his painting works: They are his 'nature of trash' works.
Sadly, these works have gained only minimal recognition compared to his paintings. However, Aida's idea that "My true self exists inside my trash
work" still continues to hold true for Aida. What is the "nature" he continues to seek? By once again viewing these works in a proper form, we hope to reconfirm the full image of an artist Makoto Aida.
On the other hand, Koki Tanaka (26 years old) , who recently made his debut, has been presenting high quality works of various directions one after another. He is an artist who could contradict even the viewers' expectation. His works suggest an inherent relationship to each other, yet have nothing in common in reality, and are completely unpredictable in their development.

In "Screen Memories", an exhibition held in spring at Mito Art Museum, Koki Tanaka quotes from To-ei V Cinema. When Sho Aikawa's group fire towards the
enemy territory door, on the other side of this door, Sho Aikawa turns around. Eventually, Sho Aikawa continues to turn around, again and again.
By exhibiting tediously repeated images, Tanaka gained attention for his clarity and tempo, which is not often found in video art. In this exhibition he plans to show works such as "fly me to the moon", a video work in which toilet paper is aimlessly flying in the air, and "BAD PLAN",
modeled after paper crumpled after bad idea is written on it.

The two met for the first time when during the proposal stage of this exhibition. They are still working together on topics such as exhibition
pieces and exhibition style. It would be great if viewers could explore the differences and similarities between the two artists caused by the 10
years of age difference.

The two artists restrain and inspire each other's work. Rather than being overwhelmed, by consciously understanding each other and reexamining their
own work, both artists continue to make progress towards the beginning of the exhibition. This progress is likely to continue throughout the
duration of the exhibition. Aida and Tanaka both create works that seem to make fun of people. Even during the exhibition the two artists will react
to each other's work, changing the exhibit, waiting for the other's reaction, and repeating this process continuously. Through this interaction, they will create an exhibition, which has never been done
before. (It may cause nothing but confusion for the viewers).

We will also show their new works, unpublished memos, and drawings as well as sculptures and photographic works related to "paper". It might be possible to find inspiration that you cannot find in completed "works of art" in these still disorganized works in progress that is not yet ready for an exhibition.

Please look forward to our first exhibition of Tanaka's work at Mizuma Art Gallery.