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Akira Yamaguchi Exhibition

If Japanese hadn't westernized so quickly, Japanese contemporary artists would create such works. Because of this image, I may keep painting a trying to pretend a fictious artist in a fictious Japanese art history. ---Akira Yamaguchi

We are holding Akira Yamaguchi Exhibition from October 5th to November 4th, 2000. Yamaguchi's works may look like a Japanese traditional ,"Yamato-e", style painting. But coming to the details, you will find a businesman in dark suits, modern tall buildings, motorbikes, and even the rural scenery in Europe at the same time, among past day's people or a crowd of samurai. His paintings involve various events and objects, past and present, east and west taking the Japanese classical composition. His style of painting is so unique and interesting. In the foreign countries, his works are also estimated and have been exhibited.

However his works are not based on the mere retrospect. They are made by study and consideration in his artist's career. His unique painting style is brought by his doubt about Japanese modern history. Japanese has westernizeated so quickly and brindly especially in 20 century. It is applied to fine art. Constrution of contemporary art does not come from Japanese. Objects, installation, concept etc. everything comes from Western thinking. He makes his work as if he were a fictitious painter in a ficititious Japanese history of art which Japanese had not been westernized quickly. He is trying to see the actualities by borrowing the style of the past. All artworks are new in this exhibition. Every work will be humorous and full of idea. The young and the old, everyone can enjoy his paintings at Mizu ma Art Gallery.
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