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Makoto Aida Exhibition "Men's Liquar-Millenium"

We are going to present MAKOTO AIDA EXHIBITION to conclude this century and also to celebrate the next one. This exhibition is the one that he holds in Tokyo for the first time in a year. But we have seen his activities in book stores, on publications such as art books and comic books. we also have been paying attention to all of them. Besides, his work was employed as the advertisement poster of Kiyosi Kurosawa's film called "Charisma", which is going to be released next year.
  • installation view
This exhibition comprises some of his new works including a huge installation and the public making. You will see the exhibition space turned to such a place that looks like a slum town. The exhibition "Ground Zero Japan" is now open at Art Tower Mito. And series of his works called "War Picture RETURNS" are on display there.

Aida is going to move his studio to NY next February and stay there at least half a year. So, such an exhibition won't be held for some time in Japan. Don't miss it.
  • installation view
  • installation view