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KONDOH Akino "KiyaKiya 1/15 sec."

  • KiyaKiya_painting11
  • 2013
  • oil on canvas
  • 76 x102 cm
  • photo: Atelier Mole
The exhibition of Kondoh Akino °»Kiya Kiya 1/15 sec.°… will be presented at Mizuma Art Gallery from August 21st to September 28th. Last year, Kondoh published a collection of essays °»Mysteriously quiet talk°… with the help of Nanaroku-sha. Also, her manga °»Thinking about it in New York°… has been serialized in online magazine Matogrosso every two weeks.

The term °»KiyaKiya°… comes from the old Japanese expression °»mune ga kiyakiya suru.°… and is coined to denote °»an enigmatic, nostalgic, disturbing feeling,°… or an impression of °»deja-vu°…. Created in 2011, the animation of °»Kiya Kiya°… is a 6 and half minutes story about a little girl, who is living and gradually changing in three different time axes.

Every second of this 6 and half minutes video consists of 15 drawings. It is simultaneously a 6 and half minute video and an accumulation of 1/15 seconds. The artist considers that when they encounter each other, the viewer can feel the possibility of the existence of another parallel world and time axis.

---We keep in our memory a lot of flashbacks, but sometimes we could forget what happened with us, where we were during this moment, when it was and with whom. Yet intervals, the °»density of time°… and °»sense of distance from the present°…, are different. We can think that what is happening °»in front of us°… is °»the present°…, but actually what is also arising °»beyond our eyes°… is happening at that moment. Besides, everybody has his own perception of °»the present°….

During several years of creating the °»Kiya Kiya°… series, Kondoh Akino has started seriously working on the idea of time. In this process, the artist became interested in such subjects whenever she had °»a feeling that time exists at a different density°…, and it made her feel °»a sense of Kiya Kiya°….
This time, the drawing and oil paintings will be exhibited from the °»Kiya Kiya°… series. Animation conveys the way of seizing different times by showing how quickly 1/15 second ends, and the non-existence of time.
  • KiyaKiya_drawing15
  • 2013
  • pencil on gesso, mounted on canvas
  • 26 x 38 cm
  • photo: MIYAJIMA Kei
At the same time, another show, °∆The °»KiyaKiya°… Drawings°« will be held at A/D gallery (Roppongi Hills) from August 24th to September 16th. In this show, the animation drawings which are the 1/15 sec. and the backgrounds will be exhibitied.
°»KiyaKiya-Animation Drawings°… and the first artist book °»Kondoh Akino°… will be published to coincide with the shows at the end of August.