MIZUMA Sueo was born in Tokyo, and graduated from the Department of Arts and Literature at Seijo University.

He started his art career in the 1980`s, established the Mizuma Art Gallery in Aoyama in 1994. (Now in Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku.)

Since the 2000's, he expands his international activities and began to participate in global art fairs.

He introduces artists whose works offer a harsh, ironic, critique against contemporary consumerist society.
Curating some exhibitions such as " Zipangu" actively, he is dedicated to discover, support and introduce young Japanese and Asian Artists to the international art scene.

For the further development and expansion of the Japanese art market, he opened a gallery space in Beijing (now only a office space) in 2008, and Mizuma Gallery in Singapore in 2012.

His first book " Art ni totte kachi towa nanika (meaning: What is the worth of art?)" was published in 2014.