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KANEKO Tomiyuki solo exhibition | “Asian Deities”, Gallery Ohrin, Ibaraki

KANEKO Tomiyuki’s solo exhibition “Asian Deities” shall open on Sunday 15th October at Gallery Ohrin, within the grounds of Hitachinokuni Izumotaisha in Ibaraki Prefecture.
This exhibition takes as its origin the god Shiva, one of the three principal deities within Hindu belief, said to govern over processes of destruction, rebirth and reproduction. The works encompass deities such as the makeishuraou, which came into existence when Hindu belief systems were adopted into Japan, as well as the Indoneisan tiger god Barong Macan, and the kuramitsuha and takaokami deities who are said to govern over water.
Their respective contexts and spiritual climates have led to a multitude of transformations to the form and content of the multilayered and variegated deities, spirits and ghosts whose existence is believed in within Japan and other Asian countries. Further, at times several of these beings become fused into single objects of worship that people of these countries have come to reverse. In this exhibition, Kaneko challenges himself to effect the substantiation of such sprits and deities which cannot be seen with the eye, and whose influences have flowed from other countries in Asia into Japan. Several drawings and sketchbooks created during the process of formulating the larger works shall also be exhibited in the gallery’s smaller exhibition space.
* This exhibition is co-organized by Gallery Ohrin and Mizuma Art Gallery.
  • KANEKO Tomiyuki
    Japanese ink and pen on Japanese paper
    230 x 480 cm
    © KANEKO Tomiyuki
Sunday 15th October 2017 - Sunday 28th January 2018
10:00 - 16:30
Closed on Wednesdays, on Monday 25th December and Saturday 6th January
Gallery Ohrin, within the grounds of Izumotaisah
(1F Hitachinokuni Izumotaisha Ohrin-kan, 208 Fukuhara, Kasama city, Ibaraki prefecture 〒309-1634)