KARASUMARU Yumi | Performance Event @Artist's studio (Via San Vitale, Bologna)

1 February - 3 February 2019

KARASUMARU Yumi will present her performance event on the occasion of Art City Segnala, Arte Fiera in Bologna, Italy.
A maximum of 5 guests are admitted to each performance and are invited to choose one of the three stories from the list provided to them. The artist turns into a wise old lady, or a sort of mysterious “ghost”, and begins the story. Japanese tea and oranges are served to the guests. Each performance takes 12 to 15 minutes.


The Storyteller, Kataribe 2019 – Make yourself at home
curated by Valerie Dehò
Friday, 1st – Sunday, 3rd February 2019
@ Artist’s studio (Via San Vitale, Bologna)

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