IKEDA Manabu, indieguerillas, TENMYOUYA Hisashi, Entang Wiharso “In-between Land” @Mizuma, Kips & Wada Art, USA

4 September - 6 October 2019

Mizuma, Kips & Wada Art is pleased to announce a group show entitled “In-between Land” beginning on September 4th, consisting of four of Mizuma Art Gallery artists from Japan and Indonesia: IKEDA Manabu, indieguerilla, TENMYOUYA Hisashi, and Entang Wiharso.


The extremely intricate works of IKEDA Manabu (b.1973, Japan) are made in acrylic ink using pen less than 1mm thick. For three years, he did a residency at Chezen Museum of Art, in Wisconsin from 2013 to 2016. During that time, he created his largest work “Rebirth” to date reaching 118 1/8” high and 157 1/2” wide, which took the whole three years. In 2017, his solo museum exhibitions were held at three venues in Japan, which were viewed by over 300,000 people. His works, themed on coexistence between nature and human have garnered international acclaims for their expressive and imaginative qualities.


indieguerillas (b. 1975 – Miko / 1977 – Santi, Indonesia) is an artist duet, Dyatmiko Lancur Bawono and Santi Ariestyowanti. Founded in 1999 as a graphic design firm, indieguerillas’s philosophy of “constantly in guerrilla to find new possibilities” has led them to become full-time artists in 2007. Nevertheless, design still plays a very important role as it allows for them to explore the use of unconventional media and techniques as part of their artistic statement. In addition to their proficiency at visual effects and inter-media experimentation, their works are also recognized for its folklore influences. The unique intertwine between traditional values and contemporary culture has brought indieguerillas to numerous important exhibitions around the globe.

TENMYOUYA Hisashi (b. 1966, Japan) seeks to undermine stereotypes about Japanese aesthetics by re-figuring their own components. His visual concept of BASARA takes the name originally used of late-Edo period, dilettante ex-samurais, whose taste for decadent attire, pursuits, tattoos and other lifestyle tropes made them somewhat of a precursor to an avant-garde entity within the aesthetic landscape of the time. He is the founder of unique painting style Neo-Nihonga which revises the traditional Japanese painting style into the context of contemporary art. Included in this exhibition are, his latest works within his new series “Kunitsukami” which is yet again a revised take on traditional Japanese religious beliefs.


Entang Wiharso (b.1967, Indonesia) is particularly known for his large scale paintings, wall sculptures and installations, heightening our ability to perceive, feel and understand human problems like love, hate, fanaticism, religion, and ideology. His works are layered with social, political and sexual critique, revealing a complex picture of the human condition by integrating narrative tools and placing unconventional materials together. Images from Javanese myths appear in his works in combination with contemporary elements to engage with ideas that continue to resonate and inform our daily lives. Wiharso’s current works focus on the duality of cultures and experiences in his two homelands: Indonesia and America.


These artists, no matter their background, intrinsically value their own heritage and tradition, each bringing their time-consuming handwork techniques in an expression that transcends different cultures and countries to be appreciated by anyone that understands aesthetics and art.
We look forward to welcoming you to this show where these artists communicate through diverse cultural resonance in-between the lands of Japan and Indonesia


Date: Wednesday, 4th September – Sunday, 6th October 2019

Opening time: 12:00 – 18:00

Closed on Mon., Tue. Mizuma, Kips & Wada Art

(324 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002 USA)

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