LIU Enzhao “Paradise in My Dream” @Mizuma & Kips, New York

8 February - 29 February 2020

Mizuma & Kips is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by LIU Enzhao, entitled “Paradise in My Dream” beginning on February 8th in New York.


Born in 1989, Liu Enzhao is a Chinese-born Philadelphia artist who combines a blend of eastern and western cultures, realism and surrealism, natural and simulated into his work. His highly detailed paintings have enormous range, both in scale and materiality with meticulous attention to surface, wild inventiveness of patterning, unexpected color harmonies and the presence of exotic plants and creatures in all range of size. Liu’s work has been described as a celebration of nature and his compassion for the environment are evident as he visually reveals the soul and spirit of his idyllic wildernesses that are joyously free and peaceful in its natural habitat.


For the past four years, the subject matter for Liu’s paintings have been about nature. In the previous series of works “From Branches They Sing,” it was his wish to direct the viewers to unearth the world of tranquil nature through the use of different painting elements: colors, compositions, textures, dots and lines. In the “Constellation” series, different creatures on Earth walk, swim, and fly in the cosmos of space. While humans have the potential to explore the universe in search for a new planet to migrate, what are the fates of the animals in the future when their homes are polluted and destroyed?


In this exhibition, Liu continues the ongoing debate about the future habitats for all of the creatures, however beyond the underlying theme of nature, one can sense a profound joy in the materiality of pigment on the surface and the restless search for ever more transformations. The work of Liu Enzhao invites us on a journey of the imagination – and to explore the wonders of the harmonious paradise.


<Date> Saturday, February 8th – Saturday, February 29th, 2020

<Opening time> 12PM – 6PM Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

<Venue> Mizuma & Kips

(324 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002 USA)


Opening Reception: Saturday, 8th February, 6PM – 8PM

*LIU Enzhao will attend the opening reception.

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