Online Viewing Room Art Basel “Heritage Intertwined in Transition” Mizuma Art Gallery

18 March - 25 March 2020

Mizuma Art Gallery will participate in “Online Viewing Room Art Basel”
that the Art Basel has established online as a new digital platform.


We present artists who value their own heritage and tradition,
each bringing their time-consuming handwork techniques in an expression
that transcends different cultures and countries to be appreciated by anyone
that understands aesthetics and art.


VIP: Wednesday, 18th March 18:00 (HKT) – Friday, 20th March 18:00 (HKT)
Public viewing: Friday, 20th March 18:00 (HKT) – Wednesday, 25th March 18:00 (HKT)


AOYAMA Satoru, DU Kun, MIYANAGA Aiko, MORI Junichi, O JUN


Mizuma Art Gallery: Online Viewing Room
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