1 February - 3 March 2007

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by O JUN from 1st February to 3rd March.

The gallery space is filled up with a series of large sized (171x119cm) paintings entitled “YUEN”, these 23 pieces will invite the audiences to the spiral of image.

For this show, the motives of paintings have been chosen from his unique point of view. These are what we see in our everyday life. There is neither emotional attachment nor any stories behind them, but was burned into his memory, simply and strongly as a ‘form’.

“There is no need to draw three dimensional object on canvas where two dimensional expression is possible.” O JUN said. His curiosity pursues the question of “All the object exists in the three dimensional world but how does it change its form when captured in two dimensional world?”. The question gives O JUN an urge to draw two dimensional objects. The reality is blurred and distorted into two dimensional objects and reappears with a new and firm outline. Confronting his artworks, which is now free from any private opinion and emotional attachment, the audience will be led to explore the essentiality which lies behind the object.

His interest is mainly in “an object reproduced as two dimensional object”. This is why there is no specific theme for the show, like his past exhibition at Mizuma Art Gallery.

The audiences are not expected to read the meaning behind “what you can see” but to sense it by deeply looking at it. Please enjoy the world created by O JUN of overflowed images that carry no significance.

Coincide with the exhibition, his catalogue which contains all of his past and new works will be issued and sold at the gallery.

O JUN 1st artist book


B5 size・120 page

full color

2,940 yen(tax in)