Without sticking to a certain method of expression, he uses various media according to the theme. In result, his works reveal the image of modern people who are tossed about by a huge wave of an information society. 

His artworks with various characters will stimulate the audiences’ sensation. A video piece entitled “His Shadow Enwraps Me”, also the title of the show, is a simple work and unusually focused on naive side of the artist himself. There will also be various artworks such as an installation with the cooperation of 50 people who have supernatural power, and his first and the last (?) oil painting contains a magnificent theme.

As a human, he naturally swings over according to his interest and the fact shows his sincere attitude towards the producing artworks. We hope you enjoy his fluctuation, in a good sense. 

The work exhibited might seem chaotic with various interpretations to the audience. The effect expands within the viewer and will give a little change in their everyday life.