AIDA Makoto "I'm IWAKI of Mizuma Art Gallery !! "(TOKYO)

3 September - 4 October 2008

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition “I am IWAKI of Mizuma Art Gallery” by AIDA Makoto, which is his first domestic exhibition in three years.


He, in recent years, exhibited in Japan and internationally which include group shows in Beijing, London, Berlin and NY, as well as at Singapore Biennale (2006), two-person show with YAMAGUCHI Akira “Art de Sauro” (2007). Also his activities are extended to essay and drawing contribution to magazines and a poster for a film.


AIDA has been dealing with various techniques and subjects in order for the audience to explore multidirectional translations and ideas, and established his unique position which is hard to categorize into a specific one. However he consistently and sincerely faces the actuality of the time and the country he lives in and darkness and wound it possesses.


Recently he often calls himself as “IWAKI of Mizuma Ar Gallery”. IWAKI Masami is an character of Dokaben, a baseball manga by Shinji Mizushima, and is a lead off hitter of the team. Aida compares the artists represented by Mizuma Art Gallery, who produces detailed and transcendental artworks, to other team member. IWAKI misses balls down the middle, however, willing to challenge a bad pitch and smashes a homer out of the park. He can be a real attention seeker and a risky hitter. 


Less than a month to the show opening, his plan doesn’t seem to be fixed yet. Does this critical situation make him a great hitter like IWAKI or does he end in three strikes? At the age of forty-two, although he is “a mid-career artist”, he still possesses a sense of instability and desperation like a young artist. Nobody knows what is out there until it comes out. We hope to share this excitement with you. 


Aida will no doubt exhibit “something new”.