KARASUMARU Yumi Exhibition
"It's Our Tokyo Stories."(TOKYO)

27 January - 27 February 2010

We are pleased to announce KARASUMARU Yumi exhibition “It’s Our Tokyo Stories.” starting on January 27th. This is her first exhibition in three years and second one at Mizuma Action.


Karasumaru is an artist based in Bologna, Italy. In recent years, she had her solo exhibition at Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia, Italy, and participated in several group shows including those in the States and Europe. Moreover, she joined in the Art Edition at 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, and energetically expands the range of activities. Her work is based on melancholiness and anxiety evoked unconsciously by experiencing the distance to Japan.

Her creation process starts from shooting pictures in town. She projects the images on canvas and elaborately traces the outlines of shadows and colors. The various shapes and patterns come along through this delicate process. As if as a puzzle, these patterns are to be filled with many colors instinctively picked and mixed by the artist. On top of the painted scene, she draws people in crowd, toys and object found in town by ink. These different images and various colors overlap and entwine like a spider web, and create bottomless depth in the works.


This exhibition “It’s Our Tokyo Stories.” is mainly composed of the series of Tokyo landscape based on the pictures shoot each time she returned to Japan. To whom live in, “Tokyo” is a town where our little histories accumulates and a stage of our daily life. The stream of history that this country and this town create is connecting to individual histories, and before long, weaves the “story” that reflects contemporary society. The landscape of Tokyo, where stories and small emotional ups and downs are happening daily, would bring up different chroma with Karasumaru’s colors and lines.


Same as her last exhibition at Mizuma Action, we will showcase the performance by the artist.


She grabs a chair and tells the stories about memories and episodes she was told while traveling and enigmatic story and dream of her close friends with brittle and quiet tone of voice as if she is a storyteller in a mountain. We hoped that it would provide different “story” from the canvases, and becomes an opportunity to think about it with individual experience and sensibility. 




2010.2.7 (Sun.) 13:00-, 16:00-

Mizuma Action