MIYAZAKI Yujiro Exhibition "Blue, Green, and Mt.Fuji"(TOKYO)

15 June - 9 July 2011

Miyazaki was born in 1977 in Japan’s southern Oita prefecture. 

He graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2001.

His career kicked off as he received the Tokyo Wonder Wall Grand Prize in 2005, and since then he has been steadily exhibiting his work in public shows such as the Voca Show 2007 and the “neoneo Exhibition Part 1 [Boys] –neoneo boys are ‘soshokukei – herbivorous artists?’” in 2009 at Takahashi Collection Hibiya.

Miyazaki’s family is running a sento (= a Japanese public bath-house), so he has always felt wall paintings were closely related to him. He actually studied as an apprentice to a sento painter and the techniques and motifs he learned during his training are deeply influencing his work. This influence can be seen in the vivid blue sky, the fresh green trees and, rising in the distance, the recurrent presence of the Mt. Fuji.

“I paint what I am feeling right now.”

Miyazaki says: “We live amidst a continuous, overwhelming wave of information and surroundings. During the process of painting a picture that takes days and months, various events happen to. These are good and bad things. From there are born emotions, feelings or desires that turn into pseudo-objects and end up painted on the canvas. I can paint what happened today and I think of each painting as a diary, onto which surface I want to honestly depict what I am feeling right now.”

“Daphne’s Forest”, the exhibition’s central piece, is about our coexistence with Nature. After experiencing such an unprecedented disaster as the 3.11 events, Miyazaki felt a strong need to re-think Human relations to nature and society. Nymphs are portrayed in nature, their hands and feet, even their hair becoming one with the surrounding vegetation to draw the scene. There are also symbols of life and death included in this work.

“Now is the time when we have to face with nature and reconsider our way of life”–we invite you to experience Miyazaki’s commitment thought his work.