MIZUNO Rina "Unable to See Whole"(TOKYO)

4 March - 27 March 2020

Mizuma Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition “Unable to See Whole.” by MIZUNO Rina, beginning on Wednesday, March 4th.


Mizuno, born in Aichi Prefecture in 1989, studied Western style painting at Nagoya University of Arts, and afterwards completed her MA in oil painting at the Graduate School of Tama Art University. Last year, she held solo exhibitions at the Pola Museum Annex (Tokyo) and Gallery Ohrin (Hitachinokuni Izumotaisha, Ibaraki) where she presented masterpieces over 5 meters long.


While her practice is based on oil painting, Mizuno also incorporates numerous artistic elements such as techniques of miniature drawing and ink painting which all sublimate into her works. When she visited Turkey, the sensations she felt in immersing with the adorning miniatures particularly of the drawings in the Middle Eastern illuminated manuscripts were so inspiring, that to this day, it still influences her style of work.


On the surface, configured from the many interchanging layers, exists conflicting elements of delicate ornamental touch alongside bold brush strokes; rich palette against monochrome color; the West and the East. In addition, by leaving in part on surface, just raw hemp canvas, adds depth and complexity that puts forth vivid impressions.


Meanwhile, the impromptu, dynamic, and smooth lines seen in her drawings are linked to various motifs which are mostly centered around plants, and flexibly intertwines into various relation as it freely evolves.


In this exhibition, we present new series of oil paintings and drawings that Mizuno has continuously worked on. Additionally, a massive mural will be designed onto the background as part of her new work.


“I want to draw that one special picture that turns into something that has never been drawn before.” It is what Mizuno expresses as she continues to paint with all of her heart and soul on each and every canvas. It is this continued pursuit by Mizuno Rina, that we hope you will grasp and appreciate in this exhibition.