YAMAMOTO Ryuki Exhibition

22 July - 22 August 2020

The Mizuma Art Gallery will hold the Yamamoto Ryuki Exhibition from July 22.

Yamamoto has been drawing self-portraits using various techniques, and continues to try to draw shinrabansho using only self-portraits. This is the first solo exhibition in six years at the Mizuma Art Gallery.


Yamamoto says he gets his inspiration from daily events within a three-meter radius. After his solo exhibition in 2014 and working in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Yamamoto gradually began to portray the people around him as inductive self-portraits. In this exhibition, works in the form of several images of others will be presented.


As an exceptional otherness for Yamamoto, he has painted a mother several times. In the epic <<War with Okan>> a young mother is depicted as a large figure in the center of the canvas as a symbol of a woman. Surrounded by the Buddha and smiling in the center of the universe, Yamamoto and his friends in fighter jets and school uniforms are hovering around her, repeating battles. Sex and life seeking diversity and repeating competition and selection in all aspects. <<War with Okan>> depicts this world shaped by its magnetic chaos and dynamism.


A hyperpersonal, symbolized world expression is universal because its positions and roles are interchangeable. Please take a look at the self-portraits Yamamoto has worked on for the past six years.