A Study on Abstraction(SINGAPORE)

2015年01月16日(金) - 02月15日(日)

The exhibition is showcasing abstract works from various generation of artists, mainly from South East Asia as its highlight. The concept of the show is to open a discussion about abstraction studies and its purpose to trace back into its own history, especially through subsequent projects, of its insertion into the broader context of Asian abstraction.


“Study on Abstraction” is featuring 16 works from 10 prominent artists from south east Asia, Korea, Hongkong and Egypt, including H. Widayat (ID), Made Wianta (ID), Nasirun (ID), Awang Damit Ahmad (MY), Lee Ufan (KR), Mohamed Abouelnaga (EG), Alan Chan (HK) and more. The show is curated by Hermanto Soerjanto, Indonesian curator and one of the important people in Indonesia’s art scene.


Hopefully the exhibition will trigger a wider discussion about abstraction’s relevancy in contemporary Asia.