宮永愛子が「高松メディアアート祭 2015」に参加します。

18 December - 27 December 2015

MIYANAGA Aiko’s artwork which was featured in the exhibition ‘Don’t Follow the Wind’ (Fukushima Nuclear Exclusion Zone, followed by satellite exhibition at Watari-Um Museum, Tokyo, both in 2015) will be on show as part of the Takamatsu Media Art Festival 2015, commencing on Friday 18th December.


Friday 18th – Sunday 27th December 2015

10:00 – 18:00 daily (please note that on the opening day, Friday 18th, the festival will open from 18:00~)

Admission (for the Hiunkaku venue): regular – 1000 yen, high school students or younger – 500 yen

Venue: Hiunkaku Pavilion and surrounds (within Tamamo Park), Takamatsu City, Kanagawa Prefecture

General Director & Curator: Naohiro Ukawa (Dommune)


For further details please see the link below.

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