O JUN展 「―順光品々―」@void+、東京

1 April - 28 May 2016

O JUN’s solo exhibition 「―順光品々―」[―junko shinajina―] will open on Friday 1st April at void+, Tokyo. In this exhibition three new works will be exhibited, in O JUN’s words’as if someone had pressed “rewind” on the tape’. void+ gallery also plans to hold a talk event in celebration of the critical turning point of its 10th anniversary operating as an experimental art space.


Artist’s Comment:

‘We use the term ‘junko’ (‘direct light’) to describe when there is direct light to the rear of the photographer, which then illuminates the photographic subject – but this title refers to when the painted object possesses a brightness similar to those conditions. The weakness of using direct light is that its beams spread right into every nook and cranny, giving all objects a strongly flattened impression. However, in the case of my paintings I think that’s exactly what they are longing to look like. I make paintings with the idea that if I can express a condition of bold brightness throughout the composition, then people will be able to respond directly through their visual senses in a personal, physical experience of the work. This has some continuities with my work from a solo exhibition of eleven years ago. Instead of paintings in which discovery, depth, or development are unreadable at the moment you look at them, I want to make paintings which instead are absolutely the same whenever you look at them, and which you can continue looking at forever.’


Friday 1st April – Saturday 28th May 2016

14:00 – 19:00

Closed on Sundays, Mondays, public holiday sand for the period between Friday 29th April and Monday 9th May

Venue: void+ (1F, Aoyama 3-16-14, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 〒107-0062)

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