MIZUNO Rina “Without thinking, stopped” @Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo

12 July - 28 July 2019

MIZUNO Rina’s solo exhibition “Without thinking, stopped” will be held at Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo, beginning on Friday, 12th July.


In Mizuno’s works, there are three elements that she treasures: Decorativeness of Middle Eastern miniature paintings, the brush strokes in traditional Japanese ink paintings such as Jakuchu Ito, and the raw canvas fabric. It is her intent to bring out the potentials from each of these elements while combining them together to make a layered composition over the pictorial space.


At the venue, a work is hung on the center of a 16m long wall and the remaining blank surface of the wall is filled with drawings, which she carefully adjusts and balances in between her work and the space, in a process becoming close to an installation. This new work that fills the entire wall, and displayed only for the run of the exhibition, is a painting that can be described as “See a part in a glance but impossible to see whole” which Mizuno continuously aims to achieve, and it is an artwork that gives the viewers a memorable surprise and one which is sure to pick up an attention.


<Date> Friday, 12th – Sunday, 28th July 2019 *Open Every Day
<Opening time> 11:00 – 20:00

<Admission> Free
<Venue> Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo

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