TANADA Koji Exhibition “Commemorating the 30th Denchu Hirakushi Award: Give breadth to boundary, Love to space” @Ibara City Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum, Okayama

6 October - 26 November 2023

From Friday the 6th of October, Tanada Koji’s exhibition “Commemorating the 30th Denchu Hirakushi Award: Give breadth to boundary, Love to space” will be held at the Ibara City Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum in Okayama.


Tanada Koji (1968-) was born in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture and studied sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University as well as Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School. In 2001, during a seven-month stay in Berlin as an artist-in-residence at the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tanada discovered a deep appreciation for the traditional Japanese art of woodcarving, known as ichiboku-zukuri, which significantly influenced the direction of his work. Since then, Tanada has consistently presented at solo and contemporary art exhibitions, primarily focusing on ephemeral depictions of young boys and girls. His works, which skilfully merge tradition and modernity in wood carving, continue to stimulate the world of sculpture.


Renowned sculptor and a member of the selection committee for the Denchu Hirakushi Award, Misawa Atsuhiko notes: “He is an inheritor of traditional woodcarving expression that treats the material of camphor wood and physicality as synonymous entities, but also explores themes of human existence and diversity within the context of our ever-changing times,” highly praising his dynamic and thought-provoking artistic endeavours.


This exhibition will showcase approximately 25 self-selected works by Tanada Koji, from the early years to recent creations, tracing the path of his artistic journey.



<Date> Friday, 6th October – Sunday, 26th November 2023

<Opening Hours> 9:00 – 17:00 (Final museum entry: 16:30)

※On the of 6th October, the museum will open from 10:30 for the opening ceremony.

<Closed> Mondays (However, if Monday is a holiday, the museum will open and be closed the next day)

<Venue> Ibara City Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum, Okayama

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