AOYAMA Satoru “SATORU AOYAMA : A Boy Who Sews Forever” @Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

20 April - 9 June 2024

AOYAMA Satoru’s solo exhibition “SATORU AOYAMA : A Boy Who Sews Forever” will be held at the Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo from Saturday the 20th of April to the 9th of June. More than 70 works, from his early years to his latest creations, will be on display as his first solo show at the museum. During the exhibition, Aoyama Satoru will be presenting his work to the public through various planned events.


【Artist’s Statement


The title of my solo exhibition is “A Boy Who Sews Forever.” This seemingly humorous title stems from a group exhibition I took part in back in 2004 called ‘Boys Who Sew.’ Curated by my university mentor, Janice Jefferies, this exhibition, held at London’s Crafts Council, was a showcase exclusively featuring male embroidery artists, marking my debut in a public institution. Now, as I reach the milestone of turning 50, it’s been two decades since that eventful year.

Over these twenty years, my artwork has evolved, influenced by various people and experiences, yet my dedication to expressing myself through the sewing machine has remained unwavering. While I may still have around half of my artistic career ahead of me, I’m certain that I’ll keep stitching away indefinitely. That’s how enduring my passion for sewing as a form of expression is. However, the old industrial sewing machine I’ve relied on since my student days has long been out of production, and both the machines and the skilled artisans who operate them are becoming increasingly rare.

From the hues of the evening sky to the vanishing borderlines, from Fukuzawa Yukichi to discarded cigarette butts, from paintings to the very institution of museums, all these motifs I’ve captured through my sewing reflect societal changes, urging us to contemplate the disappearing and the unseen. Yet, they also serve as a reflection on my own journey as an artist.

So, do you really believe in ‘Forever’?


– AOYAMA Satoru



<Date> Saturday 20th April – Sunday 9th June 2024
<Opening time> 10:00-18:00 (Last entry 17:30)
<Closed> Monday (Except for 29th Apr., 6th May); Tuesday 30th Apr., 7th May
<Venue> Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo



Related Events


Artist Talk
AOYAMA Satoru will talk about his work and give demonstrations with his sewing machine.
<Date & Time> Friday 3rd May; Sunday 2nd June 2024, 14:00-15:00
<Venue> Meguro Museum of Art Workshop Room
<Fee> Free admission (Exhibition ticket required)
<Capacity> First 20 people


Talk Event
<Date & Time> Monday 6th May, 14:00-15:30
<Venue> Meguro Museum of Art Workshop Room
<Speakers> KOIZUMI Motohiro (Rikkyo University Sociology Department Professor), AOYAMA Satoru
<Fee> Free admission (Exhibition ticket required)
<Capacity> First 50 people


Art Cafe
AOYAMA Satoru and the curator in charge will discuss the process leading up to the exhibition.
<Date & Time> Sunday 19th May, 14:00-15:00
<Venue> Meguro Museum of Art Workshop Room
<Fee> Free admission (Exhibition ticket required)
<Capacity> First 20 people


Art Book

The artist’s latest book AOYAMA Satoru: A Boy Who Sews Forever is now available for purchase via the Mizuma Art Gallery online shop! To order, click here.


AOYAMA Satoru: A Boy Who Sews Forever
Price 3,630 yen (incl. tax)|Author: AOYAMA Satoru|Publisher: Seigensha|Art Direction: OGUMA Chikako|Language: Japanese, English|Size: B5|Pages: 176

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