KYOTARO Exhibition "Heaven's Trip"(TOKYO)

9 July - 9 August 2008

Mizuma Action is pleased to present a first solo exhibition by KYOTARO “Heaven’s Trip”.


She has been working for various media such as, Manga, animation and advertisement and known for her unique talent in each field. 


-I can be connected to various world by drawing images!


The bound between her work and the audience creates new bound. She created images of “GOD” that exist in boundaries.


No lovely features and gestures of animal and fairies which once appeared in her book “The Baby Shower Story” (2004), as well as “I SAY A LOT OF FAIRIES” (still on progress). Audience sees an existence of a creature quietly breathing in her works that are free from any stories but only detachedly stare at us.


The works are based on an image appeared in her dream in the night of a day visited a shrine near by. She searched for to fit in and draw the lines.. this is how these works are made. The forms created KYOTARO are symbolic such as “dragon”, “heavenly horse” and “Tengu”*. They are found in the myths of all around the world. Although their features are a little different depends on the region, they exist beyond any language and culture. What is their message? Or do we discover anything from them?


Since early time when a village was isolated from each other and a continent didn’t know there is an island exists, we were surely connected by sharing a common image. We see different world but we all share the same image.


The world is connected and all the people on the earth share a common destiny

We are in a middle of evolution and carry various possibilities

We have responsibilities to continuously create a new thing.


We are connected.

Wake up

and live.


KYOTARO says that she feels those messages everyday from “GOD” and it signifies the reason to live as an artist and a human being.


I hope a will or direction realized by KYOTARO as a media become a sign and create a new connection between audience.


*Tengu: Long nosed goblin.