Sara Dolatabadi
"Pejvak (god is great)"(TOKYO)

4 September - 26 September 2009

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by the Iranian artist, Sara Dolatabadi. 


Dolatabadi was born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran and graduated from Azad Art University in 2001. She currently resides and works in Tokyo. Recently her works were included in “What game shall we play today? (2008)”, Tokyo Wonder Site and “Ordinary fruit (2008)” Golestan Gallery, Tehran.


The main subject of her work is the human being and she uses varied techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture and installation with writing. She depicts and refers to the status of women in Islamic society, the social scenes in her home country as well as the circumstances in Tokyo. 


The show, named “Pejvak”, meaning “echo” in Farsi, consists of an installation and some photographic works. In a dark room, green fluorescent lights are placed on the floor and sound of people changing “Allah o Akbar (God is great)” comes from the speakers set in the space. Green is a sacred color for shia muslim-denomination of islam- . She was inspired by the recent protests against the outcome of the Iranian Presidential election of 12th June 2009. Dolatabadi says many civilians were injured, killed and arrested in course of the demonstrations which started peacefully. Following these incidents, people started to protest by chanting “Allah o Akbar” on their rooftops from 10 to 11 pm all over the city with one voice. It creates strong unity in darkness of the night. 


Dolatabadi’s work mainly refers to the people under the specific circumstances, perhaps signifying the consciousness and mentality common to all human beings. By revealing solitude, suffering and difficulty in human life, the body of works raises the awareness of the viewers on esteem and dignity in individuals and also produces an opportunity to start conversations.