O JUN, MORI Junichi Exhibition “Keiren-shi” (TOKYO)

21 October - 21 November 2009

Mizuma Art Gallery is delighted to announce two persons show “Keiren-shi” by O JUN and MORI Junichi. O JUN who is known for the paintings represent imagined scenery and Mori who works on sculpture inspired by natural phenomenon seek a convulsive (Keiren) sense through this exhibition. 


The term “convulsive”, derived from André Breton, is the concept of beauty which connects to “saccade” in unconsciousness as well as which accommodates the paradoxical situation by intervention of time . It evokes enigmatic and quiet impulse and physical reaction of the moment.


For Mori, this is his first show with us. He is famous for wood and marble sculpture that capture fluid movement in the nature. In his previous works, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of “water”, he attempted to capture “something” rather than “nature“ by complicated process of making two-dimensional “water” into sculptural object by meditating the third person (da Vinci). The body of works exhibited at this show has been developed through the same practices. For him, the motives are only a trigger and the original forms are now abstracted. Our eyes move to the shadow created by his sculpture as unsubstantial as thin ice.


O JUN, whose material varied depends on his relation to the subject matter, more focuses on oil paint and pastels in recent landscape painting. He depicts sceneries such as ordinary place, aesthetic landscape and someone’s garden that inspired him. He tries to recapture / transfer the convulsive sensation as if the world suddenly clears up onto the flat surface and to reproduce the truth and falsehood of the world together with illusion and inconsistency occurred in the process.

However it is not easy to find common point between their works, they say there are some similarities within the physical mechanism, speculation and understanding in the creation process. 


When the gentle curve drawn by the artists synthesizes and touches, we realize there is a small water vein at the bottom of high art.


We expect the exhibition gives us convulse sensation.