SASHIE Masakatsu Exhibition "de facto standard"(TOKYO)

28 November - 26 December 2009

Born in 1974 in Kanazawa, Sashie resides and works in the same city until now. We first featured his work in the group show “Eyes and Curiosities vol.4” in 2008, since then his works attracted the viewers in and, especially, out of Japan. 


Although he uses banal materials such as “oil on canvas”, his image leaves strong impression. His signature figures are a spherical body formed by nostalgic architecture floats in the air and tower-like form. No landscape like this exists but the elaborately detailed motives draw the viewers’ personal scenes out of their memories. 


The exhibition title “de fact standard” is an economic term means the standard has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces. His subject matter was once “de facto standard” in a certain period of the past. It is far different from the current one but not old enough to be displayed at the museums. There must be “de facto standard” in the area of contemporary art. The technique he uses and living in a town far from Tokyo might be his way to stand back from it and to view the world objectively. His sincere attitude directly connects to his artworks 


In most of his works, lighthearted neat contemporary cityscapes placed in the background and modern elements are depicted in front, and there is spherical object floats under the force of gravity that is not the one we are experiencing. What Sashie captures are the things getting out of “de fact standard” and the anxiety towards the future. It might be under the shadow but does exist in this world.