group exhibition " Eyes and Curiosity vol.6 "(TOKYO)

24 November - 25 December 2010

Mizuma Action (5F) is pleased to announce the “Eyes & Curiosity Vol.6” group exhibition by four young artists starting November 24.


This is the 6th edition of the “Eyes & Curiosity” group exhibition series that goes on as a way to reveal artists that caught the eye of gallery director MIZUMA Sueo and aroused his curiosity. The two words “Eyes” and “Curiosity” reflect the hearts of both the viewer and the artist, the intersection between Mizuma and young artists eager to climb to the next step.


The show includes Vol.4 participant ISHIHARA Nanami, KATO Ai who had a solo show at the gallery in 2009, KODA Chie, acclaimed for her Vol.5 participation at Taiwan’s Soka Art Center and newcomer OHKITA Nao.


Each of them develop their own personal creative universes, while the tangible sparkling liveliness of their positive immaturity gives a feeling of unity.



(1982, born in Tokyo)

By using images and mediums from all ages and cultures she pursues the contact between the images she dreams and her self.



(1984, born in Mie)

Faceless human figures like floating in the surface. Quiet scenes that bring a rustle to the viewer’s heart.



(1984, born in Tokyo)

The kitsch universe of the same monomaniacal repeated drawn image of a beautiful girl with associated phrases.



(1983, born in Tokyo)

She draws miniatures of the human society summarized in a swimming pool where individualities seem to unfold unrelated, yet evolving as a single ripple.


Four artists each with their original color. More than a consensus, we invite you to discover and enjoy their respective approach to the world. 


※ sample image