TSUTSUI Shinsuke Special Exhibition(TOKYO)

12 February - 18 February 2021

* Open throughout the session



We accept admission with a reservation, and limiting maximum capacity in the gallery space by 12 people per 1 hour during the exhibition.

You may enter without a reservation, however we will prioritize those who have reserved the space.

Please kindly make an appointment through the online website or email below before your visit.


https://airrsv.net/mizumaartgallery/calendar [Japanese only]




“I don’t want you to hold a memorial exhibition for me.”

This is what the artist said to me while he was still alive.


It has been a year since Tsutsui passed away. In April 2019, he was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, and the fight against the illness began as he tried various treatment methods. When his condition slightly stabilized in the summer, I made a promise to him that we will hold his solo show for the spring of 2020, as well as publish his first art book.


Tsutsui worked diligently to produce new works while under the affliction of a wavering health condition. Although he was not able to make it to the end with us, Tsutsui true to his word, had prepared all of the artworks to exhibit, and as promised, in April of last year we were able to hold his solo show at our gallery.


In the case of the art book, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it had taken longer than we had anticipated, but we have finally begun the publication just recently. In order to keep the book simple, and to be able to enjoy each and every works thoroughly, the works that were published were the ones all selected by Tsutsui himself.


“I don’t want you to hold a memorial exhibition for me”

Even if I am gone, my work will remain; It made me realize that this is what Tsutsui really meant. Even if the artist is gone, his works will live on and continue to shine. And I believe it is our duty as gallerists to continue sharing his works to the world.


I decided to hold an exhibition with several of the selected works that appear in his art book, just in time to coincide with its publication. It will be a great opportunity to see his works that span 30 years of his artist career; from his works done during his college years to the most recent works. As the show lasts for a short duration of just one week, it would please us if you could see his works in person.


With sufficient measures taken in coronavirus safety and precautions, we very much look forward to seeing you in our show.


February 2021  MIZUMA Sueo




Works – TSUTSUI Shinsuke

3,960 JPY


Publication date: 15 February 2021

Planning & Publication: Mizuma Art Gallery

Publisher: Kyuryudo

Language: Japanese, English

Size: A4 / 29.7 × 21 × 1.5 cm

Total page: 128 (All color)