30 August - 30 September 2023

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to present a group show by AKAMATSU Nelo, USAMI Masahiro, Namonaki Sanemasa, MORI Junichi, Zhao Zhao and Heri Dono, entitled “Typhoons (野分/颱風/Topan)” beginning on Wednesday, August 30th. This exhibition features various artists with diverse backgrounds, including different ages, cultures, and nationalities, expressing their artworks through painting, sculpture, photograph, and installation.


The original title “野分/颱風/Topan” represents the word “typhoon” in Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian, respectively. With its immense energy, typhoons are associated with natural disasters, however, they can also bring rain to plants and crops, and protect the marine ecosystem. Their uniqueness, such as being given names of constellations and flowers, and their frequent portrayal in literature and films, as well as being often described as elegant and having emotional impact in Japanese classics, give typhoons a diverse range of cultural and contextual significance despite being a natural phenomenon.


In this exhibition, we will show artworks by artists from Japan, China, and Indonesia who continue to express themselves in a multifaceted way, filled with immense energy like a typhoon. We hope you will be able to appreciate these works at the end of summer.