TANADA Koji "Join and Jump"(TOKYO)

17 January - 17 February 2024

Mizuma Art Gallery is pleased to present its latest exhibition “Join and Jump” by TANADA Koji, commencing on January 17, 2024.


Following the receipt of the 30th Hirakushi Denchu Award, Tanada Koji unveiled two new sculptural works for his solo exhibition, “Give breadth to boundary, Love to space,” held at the Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture, from October to November of 2023. Titled “to embrace the earth” and “to embrace the space,” the two new works depict figures jumping rope.


The dignified figure of “to embrace the earth” encircles the surrounding space with a long rope in hand. It appears to warmly welcome people into the boundary delineated by the rope. On the other hand, “to embrace the space” is a sculpture which seems to defy even the constraints of gravity, endowed with a graceful yet robust physicality, with a light and energetic bounce. Acceptance of self, affirmation, and a forward-focused gaze permeate these works.


The clearer the boundary lines, the more contradictions, discrepancies, and conflicts arise, leading to pronounced divisions. Witnessing such a state of the world, Tanada sculpted these two figures. By placing sculptures on the boundary lines, expanding their breadth and allowing space for interpretation, diverse perspectives emerge. Embracing understanding and accepting others amidst different ideologies and cultures. Breaking free from existing values and constraints, transcending personal limitations. Perhaps, through his works, Tanada offers guidance to the question he has been pursuing throughout his 30-year artistic career, “What is the essence of humanity?”


This exhibition, centered around these two works, also includes new pieces created for the exhibition, as well as works produced in the 1990s. It provides an opportunity to trace the evolution of Tanada’s contemplative journey. Living in an era characterized by an unsettling atmosphere, fraught with anxieties and tensions, we invite you to experience what kind of world comes into view when crossing boundaries and sharing the space beyond. We sincerely hope you will join us at the gallery for this exploration.




You can enjoy a virtual 3D walkthrough of TANADA Koji “Join and Jump”.

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