ISHIKAWA Kazuharu, OHATA Shintaro, OGINO Yuna, Namonaki Sanemasa, FUJITA Momoko, FUJINAGA Yui, YOSHIDA Akira "Perpetual Gaze"(TOKYO)

13 January - 6 February 2021


To deter spreading the infection of COVID-19, we accept admissions by appointments only, and maximum capacity of 12 people per 1hour during the exhibition, opened from 12:00 to 18:00.

However, if there are less than 12 people in the gallery, you can enter without appointment.

Please kindly make an appointment through the online website or email below before your visit.

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Mizuma Art Gallery presents a group show featuring up-and-coming young artists in an exhibition titled “Perpetual Gaze” beginning on Wednesday, 13th January.


A battle against the virus is something the humanity has been waging for thousands of years. The outbreak of COVID-19 in China, in the fall of 2019 led to a pandemic that continues to afflict people around the world. In times like this, we have all been reminded that simple joy or happiness around us are what keeps us going. Furthermore, it is a time in which more people have come to realize that spiritual satisfaction, rather than material fulfillment, are what enable us to move forward with aspirations toward the future, and that art would provide spiritual richness and hope. As such, I believe that artworks that serve to engage in cultural and spiritual fulfillment will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.


This group exhibition focuses on young artists, featuring works by ISHIKAWA Kazuharu, OHATA Shintaro, OGINO Yuna, Namonaki Sanemasa, FUJITA Momoko, FUJINAGA Yui, and YOSHIDA Akira. It is our hope that the exhibited works by artists who were unwavered by the pandemic and continued to create work every day, will serve as a mending refreshment to viewers tired of the daily struggles with COVID-19. We welcome you to visit, relax and enjoy the exhibited artworks.




ISHIKAWA Kazuharu is an artist who takes the ordinary sceneries that captures his heart and creates simple-lined drawings with threads to express and replicate the sceneries onto a complete new space. He calls this process the “journey of the line” and seeks to tie the hearts of people across generations and borders with his created thread work.


OHATA Shintaro turns the mundane sceneries around us as if they were a single frame of a movie, focusing on the various “lights” that overflow throughout our daily lives. His style, which fuses two-dimensional painting with three-dimensional sculpture to illustrate a single world, was inspired by stage theaters to establish something unique in his way of expressing the world around him.


OGINO Yuna continues to paint flowers as abstract symbol of women and herself, pursing on the idea of feminism and physical embodiment over many years. Her way of expression involves parts of the human body and flowers in all-over composition with a unique color harmony. Ogino who has taken on the challenge of portraits in recent years, presents a new work that paints the female model as an individual person instead of painting her through the view of unequal human society.


Namonaki Sanemasa revolves his activity around social media platforms, mainly Twitter, taking images from the Internet, reproducing the tactile feel of touch panels as one of his themes, and depicting characters as ghost-like figures. By repeatedly illustrating and overwriting the images, and carving abstract motifs onto the screen, the artist creates a modern landscape that overflows with information.


FUJITA Momoko delicately processes natural materials found around her into paint pigments, to create work full of resonance and vitality. The latest work titled “The Guardian” which was produced during the pandemic, depicts a being which sacrifices itself to protect others.


FUJINAGA Yui whose main motif is of children, takes inspiration from the events that occur around her and around the world, to express her emotions through illustration of a group of people. In this exhibition, we present two works including《NONKI ~take it easy~》which is a drawing of a word with human figures, inspired by the “Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour” scroll.


YOSHIDA Akira uses FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) as the main material for his sculptures and works with tools such as airbrush to create delicate paintings on the surface of his figures, to illustrate the problems and contradictions of modern society in a satirical and elegant manner. The new works of -Metropolis without Scenery- from Inu Hariko series which are presented in this exhibition is based on Tokyo, and aims to illustrate the current city.