AIDA Makoto, AKAMATSU Nelo, O JUN, TANADA Koji, YAMAGUCHI Akira “Ōrai” Exhibition(TOKYO)

26 May - 26 June 2021


We accept admission with a reservation, and limiting maximum capacity in the gallery space by 12 people per 1 hour during the exhibition.

You may enter without a reservation, however we will prioritize those who have reserved the space.

Please kindly make an appointment through the online website or email below before your visit.


https://airrsv.net/mizumaartgallery/calendar [Japanese only]




Mizuma Art Gallery presents a group show by AIDA Makoto, AKAMATSU Nelo, O JUN, TANADA Koji, and YAMAGUCHI Akira, entitled “Ōrai” Exhibition.


We all live our lives within various boundaries. The boundary that exists in society evolves day to day, but it feels like these changes have accelerated especially in the past year, due to the pandemic. The frequency of events and news that give us a glimpse of various divide within countries, race, and gender have drastically increased, and we are now in an era in which the sense of distance and value between people are greatly shaken. On the other hand, even in the world of our individual daily lives, there exists various boundaries that determine things such as here and there, me and you, this world and that world. As our everyday routine rapidly changes, it can be said that we have come to encounter more opportunities to think about the many boundaries surrounding us.


This exhibition is based on the theme of “boundary lines” and has been titled the “Ōrai” Exhibition (Ōrai, meaning to move back and forth in Japanese) with the hopes that you would enjoy the works of the five artists by overcoming the boundaries, as you cross between the different works. Another word of same pronunciation “Ōrai” also used to indicate agreement or consent, is a Japanese-made English that originally comes from the word “all right.” It may be said, that this word came into existence in Japan as it too had jumped across the boundary of language. Such ambiguity, and looseness may be what is necessary at times.


Because of this era of change, we hope that the exhibition will allow you to feel the resonance between the exhibited artworks, while going back and forth through the works of various artists.


*AIDA Makoto’s work “Tokyo Castle” was produced specifically for the upcoming event by Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 entitled “Pavilion Tokyo 2021” starting on July 1st. For our exhibition, a part of this work will be displayed for a limited time, currently expected to last until 22th of June.