Photography by MATSUKAGE


He uses oil painting technique in traditional Japanese style. Known for painting bird’s-eye view cities and battlefields, along variety of media, including sculpture, manga and installation.


His major solo exhibitions include ‘TOKIORE(I)MIX” (Maison Hermès 8F Le Forum, Tokyo), “Yamaguchi Akira: Stepping Back to Seek the Underneath” (Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito), “Resonating Surfaces” (Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London) amongst others.


He has further developed the wide range of his practice through public artworks at locations including Narita International Airport, and at Nihonbashi Station (Tokyo Metro). He has also created illustrative work and cover art for a variety of serialized newspaper stories, novels and so forth, continuing his prolific practice across a broad range of fields. For 2019 NHK Taiga Drama, which is an annual historical drama television series, he was put in charge of creating a painting for the background of the opening credit for the TV show “IDATEN-The Epic Marathon to Tokyo”. He has also produced the official art poster for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


In 2013, his book Hen-na Nihon Bijutsushi won the 12th Kobayashi Hideo Award.

1969 Born in Tokyo, Japan and grown up in Kiryu City, Gumna

Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.



1996 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, MFA in Oil Painting

1994 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, BFA in Oil Painting

Solo Exhibitions


Jam Session: The Ishibashi Foundation Collection x Yamaguchi Akira, Drawn to the Irresistible Sensation, Artizon Museum, Tokyo (cat.)



Yamaguchi Akira, ZENBI-Kagizen Art Museum-, Kyoto



SHURA, Yokohama Noh Theater, Kanagawa



Resonating Surfaces, Daiwa Foundation Japan House, London, U.K.

“Suzushiro (White Radish) Diary”, NADiff, Tokyo



“Muromachi Resonance”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

“YAMAGUCHI Akira: MATSUYAMA SHIFT”, The Museum of Art, Ehime

“City Strollers in Dogo Onsen” Dogo Art 2016, Ehime

“Umakagami”, Equine Museum of Japan, Kanagawa (cat.)



“YAMAGUCHI Akira: Kisha to Katana (Steam Train and Sword)”, Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima “YAMAGUCHI Akira: Stepping Back to Seek the Underneath”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki



“YAMAGUCHI Akira: An Almost Complete Career Overview- From Early Childhood Drawings to Recent Work”, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Gunma (cat.) “Yamaguchi Akira”, Niigata City Art Museum, Niigata

“Yamaguchi Akira”, Sogo Museum of Art, Kanagawa



“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am Yamaguchi Akira.”, Museum “Eki” Kyoto, Kyoto “TOKIORE(I)MIX”, Maison Hermes 8F Le Forum, Tokyo (-May 13)



“TOKAIDO LANDSCAPES, The Path from Hiroshige to Contemporary Artists”, The Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka

“SINGA-PLANET”, Japan Creative Center, Singapore “City Strollers”, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Gallery, Fukuoka



“Tokyo Strollers”, Ginza Mitsukoshi Exhibition Hall, Tokyo

“Inochimaru”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“Now, Oyamazaki… YAMAGUCHI Akira”, Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum, Kyoto (cat.)



“This Time, It’s Musha-e!”, Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (cat.)

“Art de Sauro:Aida Makoto/Yamaguchi Akira”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (cat.)



“Lagrange Point”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

“Lagrange Point”, C.Square, Chukyo University Art Gallery, AichiSenba Architecture Festival, “Kitano House×YAMAGUCHI Akira”, Osaka



“The Exhibition of YAMAGUCHI Akira”, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Exhibition Hall, Tokyo

“Review”, TAKAHASHI collection, Tokyo



“Shall we buy?”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

an illustration, “A Chrysanthemum lighthouse”, NADiff,Tokyo, Japan



“Akira Yamaguchi Exhibition’ Exhibition”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“Records of Japanese-Sino War & Japanese-Russo War”, NADiff, Tokyo



“The joy of painting”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“YAMAGUCHI Akira Exhibition”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“Shakkei”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“The Tea-ceremony Room with Chair”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions


Human Beings -From Fujino Tenko and Kitamura Seibo to Touchable Sculptures by Miwa Michiyo, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Gunma (cat.)



Anxiety and Hope in Japanese Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A.

THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION TAIPEI 2023, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Special Exhibition: Healing Japanese Art -Jakuchu’s Solace and Togyu’s Comfort-, Yamatane Museum of Art, Tokyo

Museum with Many Ways to Enjoy! Touch, lean, read, listen, play, converse, ponder, create…,  Shiga Museum of Art

THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION NAGASAKI 2023, Huis Ten Bosch Museum, Nagasaki 

Crossing the Borders, The Tokushima Modern Art Museum

“ART de Cha Cha Cha− Exploring the DNA of Japanese Contemporary Art −” from the Takahashi Ryutaro Collection, WHAT MUSEUM

Shinran, Higashi Honganji Gallery, Kyoto

Imagination of Shopping Malls, Takashimaya Archives TOKYO (cat.) 



60th anniversary ”Shutoko (Metropolitan Expressway) exhibition”  O Museum, Tokyo

Permanent Collection, Landscape paintings idea 2022, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art

Permanent Collection 3rd Term, Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa 

THE DORAEMON EXHIBITION SINGAPORE 2022, National Museum of Singapore

The Power of Setouchi Revealed by the Scenery: Nature, History, and Human Resonance, Kagawa Prefectural Museum

Our City-Portrait of Osaka, Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka

Tokaido of ours – Charms of the landscapes with Mt. Fuji, Bernard Buffet Museum, Shizuoka  

Manga Scroll of the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido vs Kyoka Tokaido by Utagawa Hiroshige, Okawa Museum of Art, Gunma 

>Common Ground: UCCA 15th Anniversary Patrons Collection Exhibition, UCCA, Beijing

The Byodoin Phoenix Hall and Jodoin Temple- Its Beauty and Faith, The Museum of Art, Ehime, traveled to: Shizuoka City Museum of Art, and The Niigata Prefectural Museum Of Modern Art 

Allusions to Stories, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

THE DORAEMON OKAYAMA 2022, Okayama Prefectual Museum of Art

Special Exhibition for Donation Commemoration to Kiryu City, Yamaguchi Akira Shopping Mall, Okawa Museum of Art, Gunma



Handsome Men They Are, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, travelled to Iwami Art Museum, Shimane

TATEBI REPORT, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

Manga – Reading the Flow,Museum Rietberg, Zurich

Kawabata Ryushi + Takahashi Ryutaro Collection: Aida Makoto, Konoike Tomoko, Tenmyouya Hisashi, and Yamaguchi Akira, Ryushi Memorial Museum, Tokyo 

TOKYO: ART & PHOTOGRAPHY, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, U.K.

Orai, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

THE DORAEMON 2021, Sapporo Art Museum, Hokkaido,travelled to Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art , Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art

Electrical Line Exhibition -Kobayashi Kiyochika to Yamaguchi Akira-, Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo



Connections: 150 years of Modern Art in Japan and France, Pola Museum of Art, Kanagawa 

Unveiling decorations –Architecture and Rediscover of Nihombashi, Takashimaya Archives TOKYO 

Reopening Celebration I “ART in LIFE, LIFE and BEAUTY” Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo

THE DORAEMON NIIGATA 2020, The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum

Artists in Kiryu, Okawa Museum of Art, Gunma



Matsumoto Shunsuke: His Hours of Walking around Towns, Okawa Museum of Art, Gunma

Mandalas of Mount Fuji: The World of Beliefs Associated with Mount Fuji as Seen in Pilgrimage Mandalas, Mr. Fuji World Heritage Centre, Shizuoka

SHUNPUTEI Ichinosuke × YAMAGUCHI Akira: An Introduction to Fun Rakugo, OKAWARI!,  CAPSULE, Tokyo

Takahashi Collection, Tsuruoka Art Forum, Yamagata

THE DORAEMON OSAKA 2019, Osaka Culturarium at Tempozan

Impossible Architecture: Another History of Architecture, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama (cat.), traveled to Niigata City Art Museum, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, and The National Museum of Art, Osaka

Technical HOKUSAI, Itochu Aoyama Art Square, Tokyo



To Travel with Glasses, Aomori Museum of Art, traveled to Iwami Art Museum, Shimane, Shizuoka Prefectual Museum of Art

THE DORAEMON 2018, Takaoka Art Museum, Toyama, traveled to Matsuzakaya Art Museu, Aichi

Biennale Architettura 2018: 16th International Architecture Exhibition “Architectural Ethnography” Japan Pavilion, Giardini, Venice, Italy (cat.)

Ground No Plan, Aoyama Crystal Building, Tokyo (cat.)

The Superlative Artistry of Japan, The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne, Germany



THE DORAEMON 2017, Roppongi Mori Arts Center Gallery, Tokyo (cat.)

“The Riddle of Art: Takahashi Collection- Resonance or Repellence?”, Shizuoka Prefectual Museum of Art (cat.)

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Pablo Picasso”, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts

“Japan – Spirits of Nature”,Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, Sweden

“EQUINE MUSEUM EXCELLENT WORKS 150”, Equine Museum of Japan, Kanagawa (cat.)

“Special Exhibition commemorating 130th anniversary of the founding of Tokyo University of the Arts”, The Pandora’s box: Finding the Wondrous in the Geidai Collection, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts (cat.)

“TAKAHASHI COLLECTION Mindfulness 2017”, Yamagata Museum of Art

“The Cosmos of the Takahashi Collection”, Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto

“Twenty Year’s of the TARO Award/ Twenty Enfants Terrible”, Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Tokyo



“Dispatch//Itabashi// Edo – Contemporary”, Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo

“TAKAHASHI COLLECTION: Mindfulness!”, The Museum of Art, Kochi

“Ryūsaku Tsunoda and Donald Keene: From Gunma to the World”, Gunma Prefectural Museum of Literature in Commemoration of Bunmei Tsuchiya

“Extended Remix: Contemporary Artitst Meet the Japanese Print”, Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, U.S.A.,

“Exposing Ikai- The Different World”, Visitors in Past and Contemporary Art, Akita Museum of Art

The Railway Art Museum, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kanagawa

“TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, Kanaz Forest of Creation, Fukui


“SHUNPUTEI Ichinosuke × YAMAGUCHI Akira: An Introduction to Fun Rakugo” CAPSULE, Tokyo

“Collection Exhibition Part.1”, Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa

“Unimaginable by One Mind Alone: Exquisite Corpses from the William Green Collection of Japanese Prints”, Mead Art Museum, Amherst, U.S.A.

“The Collection of the Takamatsu Art Museum” Exhibition Celebrating the Museum’s Reopening A Concise Guide to Life with Japanese Contemporary Art, Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa



“Fujisan: Faith and Arts”, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum

“Hiroshima Trilogy: 70th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing”, Part II, A Bird’s-eye View of the World, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

“Excellent Techniques of Carving and Printing: 250th Birth Anniversary of Multi-colored Print”, Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art, Tokyo

“A Bird’s Eye View of the World”, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Shiga

“TAKAHASHI COLLECTION: Mirror Neuron”, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

“The Ohara Museum of Art – Journeys to Masterpieces”, Shizuoka City Museum of Art

“Art of Laughter”, The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki



“Conversations through the Asian collections”, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (thru Oct 15, 2015)

“Master Pieces from Ohara Museum of Art”, Akita Museum of Modern Art, Akita

“Hiroshige’s ‘The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido’ and Contemporary Artists”, Muse’e Bernard Buffet, Shizuoka

“’15th Anniversary Urawa Art Museum Artist Show: image no yukue”, Urawa Art Museum, Saitama (cat.)

“Takahashi Collection 2014 Mindfulness!”, Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi (cat.)

“JAPON, ABBAYE SAINT ANDRÉ Centre d’art contemporain”, Meymac, France



“Takahashi Collection Mindfulness!”, Sapporo Art Park, Hokkaido (cat.)

“PAINTED CAPITALS”, Cityscapes of Kaifeng, Hangzhou, Kyoto and Edo, Okura Museum of Art, Tokyo (cat.)

“Ukiyo-e POP”, Shizuoka Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art, Shizuoka

“Ohara Contemporary”, Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama (cat.)

“Roppongi Hills and Mori Art Museum 10th Anniversary Exhibition”, All You Need Is LOVE: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (cat.)

“Wonderful My Art- Selected artist from TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, Kawaguchiko Museum of Art, Yamanashi (cat.)

“From attractive” – Meiji of watercolor Mizue to the present age -, Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa (cat.)



“ZIPANGU-The Surge of Japanese Contemporary Art”, The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum, Niigata, traveled to: Takasaki Museum of Art, Gunma, Hachinohe City Museum of Art, Aomori, Akita Museum of Modern Art, Akita (cat.)

“Reinventing Tokyo: Japan’s Largest City in the Artistic Imagination”, Mead Art Museum, Amherst, USA

“Masterpieces from the Ohara Museum of Art”, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Hokkaido (cat)

“Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, traveled to Haifa Museums (Haifa Museum of Art, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art) (cat.)



“Kobiken—from the Takahashi Collection,” TABLOID GALLERY, Tokyo

“Edo Pop”: the Graphic Impact of Japanese Prints, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, U.S.A.

“TARO LOVE”, Seibu Shibuya, Meiji Jingu Gaien, Tokyo

JARAPAGOS, Art Gallery ATRIUM, Fukuoka

“CAFE in Mito 2011-Relationships in Color”, Ther Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

“Japan: a tradition of innovation”, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, CANADA

“ZIPANGU-31 spirited artists cutting through new territories of Japanese contemporary art”, Takashimaya Nihonbashi exhibition Hall (8F), Tokyo (cat.)

“The Origin of 20”, The Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa, traveled to: Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Yamaguchi and two other venues(cat.)

“The Most Requested Top 30/ 10 Years of TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, TABLOID GALLERY, Tokyo

“Bye Bye Kitty!!! Between Heaven and Hell in Contemporary Japanese Art”, Japan Society, New York, U.S.A. (cat.)



TDW-ART “JARAPAGOS (Tokyo Designer’s Week”, Tokyo

“Narrative Paintings”, The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum, Niigata

“BASARA”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

“ROBOT and ARTS: Visual Images in the 20th Century Japan”, Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, traveled to Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka and IWAMI ART MUSEUM, Shimane (cat.)

17th Biennale of Sydney “THE BEAUTY OF DISTANCE: Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age”, Sydney, Australia (cat.)

Shinran Exhibition, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Exhibition Hall, Tokyo, traveled to 26 venues


“neoteny japan: Contemporary Artists after 1990s FROM TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, Yogago City Museum of Art, Tottori, traveled to Museum of Art, Ehime



November Steps, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

Great works of the OHARA Museum -In pursuit of the precious paintings”, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Fukuoka, Japan (cat.)


“neoteny japan -FROM TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, traveled to: the Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Akita Museum of Modern Art, Akita

“WAR & ART”, Terror and Simulacrum of Beauty, Calerie Aube, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto



“JAPAN CAR”, Cite des sciences et de L’industrie, Paris,s France, traveled to : Science Museum, London, U.K.

“neoteny japan -FROM TAKAHASHI COLLECTION”, Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima, traveled to: Sapporo Art Park, Hokkaido (cat.)

“ORDER RECEIVED”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

“Off the Rails”, Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing, China (cat.)

“Another landscape: from Mori Art Collection”, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Takahashi Collection, Tokyo



“Nihonga Metsubou-ron”, C.Square, Chukyo University Art Gallery, Aichi

“Heroes in Warror Paintings”, Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum, Nagano (cat.)

“The Vision of Contemporary Art 2007”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (cat.)



“NIPPON vs FINEART-Striving for Identity in the Context of Western art”, Osaka City Museum of Art, Shinsaibashi Temporary Exhibition Space, Osaka

“Art and Object: Affinity of the Jomon and the Contemporary”, Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori

Comtemporary Forms -Life & Art -: “The forms of Intoxication”, Higashihiroshima City Museum of Art, Hiroshima

“Kimura Naomichi + Art and Play”, The Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Saitama



“Rising Sun, Melting Moon: Contemporary Art from Japan”, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

“Looking for Utopia: Beyond the Imagination”, The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum, Niigata (cat.)

“Villa YURINSO Special Open : AIDA Makoto / OZAWA Tsuyoshi / YAMAGUCHI Akira”, Ohara Museum of Art Yurinso, Okayama (cat.)

“The World of Matchbox Labels”, The Okayama Prefectual Museum of Art, Okayama (cat.)

“The Elegance of Silence : Contemporary Art from East Asia”, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (cat.)



“OFFICINA ASIA”,Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy (cat.)

“20th Anniversary Exhibition : The Copy Age – From Duchamp through Warhol to Morimura-“, The Museum of Modern Art Shiga, Shiga (cat.)

“Mediarena : contemporary art from Japan”, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand (cat.)

“Living Together is Easy”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, travelling to : The National Galleryof Victoria, Melbourne, Australia (cat.)

“MOT Annual 2004 : Where do I come from? Where am I going?”, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo (cat.)



“TREASURE for TREASURE : A Treasure Exchange Project with six Artists”, Sumida Riverside Hall Gallery, Tokyo (cat.)



“TANAGOKORO 8”, roentgenwerke, Tokyo

“Japan in Blekinge, Olofstrom Art Exhibition Hall”, Blekinge, Sweden

“New Edition! Japanese Art-Other Inheritors of Jaoanese Tradition”, Yamanashi Prefectual Museum of Art, Yamanashi (cat.)



“The 4th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art”, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

“S(h)itting in the mirror”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo



“Five continents and one city”, Museum of Mexico City, Mexico

“Department Store of Contemporary Art”,Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamanashi (cat.)



“A Window, Inside and Outside”, Gwangju City Art Museum, Gwangju, South Korea (cat.)

Inoue Gallery, Tokyo



Inoue Gallery, Tokyo



“KOTATSU-SCHOOL”, Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

“WALKING MUSEUM”, Shinjuku Takashimaya TIMES SQUARE, Tokyo



The 12th KOBAYASHI Hideo Award for his book “Hen na Nihon Bijutsushi”



Runner-up Prize The 4th Taro Okamoto Memorial Award for Contemporary Art

Public Collection

Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama

The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga

Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art, Kyoto

Bernard Buffet Museum, Shizuoka 

Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa

Equine Museum of Japan, Kanagawa

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Mead Art Museum, Amherst, U.S.A.

The Japan Foundation, Tokyo

Chester Beatty, Dublin, Ireland

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, U.S.A.

Artizon Museum, Tokyo

Public Art

“View of Flourishing South End Nihonbashi” Nihonbashi Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

”Scenes in and around the station of Kyushu Railway” and ”Island of Kyushu enveloped by railways” JR Oita Station

“Fuji-hokuroku Sankei Mandara” Fujisan National Heritage Center, Yamanashi

Geriatric Hospital Through the Ages, The Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital, Tokyo 

Fusuma Painting Dedication to the Yorinansho-in, Byodo-in Temple, Kyoto

“Five Dragons”, Ceiling Painting, Seian-ji Temple, Gifu

“Subway Diagram” Nishiwaseda Station, Tokyo Metro, Tokyo

“Narita International Airport: View of Flourishing New South Wing” and “Narita International Airport: Various Curious Scenes of Airplanes”

Narita International Airport, Terminal 1 South Wing 4th Floor, Chiba

“One Hundred Unusual Scenes of Osaka Trams ”, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau, Osaka

“Staircase of Amusements ”, Shizuoka Cancer Center, Shizuoka

“Genetics in Comics” Science Museum, Tokyo


2019 SHUNPUTEI Ichinosuke: An Introduction to Fun Rakugo, OKAWARI! (Shogakukan Inc.)

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